Spire of Lazarus – Dahaka
Genre Rock


Spawned through disruption
The void would open before you so pitchless
Exhaustion sets in as you tried to escape this
Flee through another timeline

Not of this world can’t harm him it seems
And you scream for help, frantic release
Destined bloodless inside the palace
You’re still running no escaping this

He would swallow the sands into darkness
Minds would tremble as the skies went black
And they choke the throats of mistakes
Nothing would halt this process
The haunted night so sleepless
Thе tendrils hunt with immense thirst
Cagеs rattle at aching pace
Stricken by the weight of its curse
Repenting through thrill of the chase


The thunderous essence would be stitched through the fragile minds of man
The stride saturnine
The eyes pierce the night
Endless searching in a frenzy it scours
And appearance so dour

Fathomless, hideous
Enticing order
As he draws closer

The Dahaka approaches
The ground splits
To mend your mistakes
Timelessly captivated into his grasp
Forever his and thrown to the black

Throne to the everlasting black
Forever to haunts you to slaughter your poise
The colossus sent to erase
Through the spiraling void he follows
Sword or sand means nothing to him
Quiver, as the anxiety would do you in
Staring through the gaping emptiness

Fall deep into the void

His grip constricts with the weight of boulders
Spinal cord snapped to restore the order
Unyielding grip
He rests his gaze down on the shaken personage

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