Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa – Add A K
Genre Rap

Verse 1Whoppa Wit Da Choppa

Aye, This that jump out shit, nah ain't no P4K
This that Fooli add a K
This that Teki add a K
This that FeFe add a K
They call let it spray
They call G3 let it spray
goin up like eight
We ain't worried bout the opposition
Stop the car and so I can drop a nigga
That nigga stop, dropped, and rolled when them bullets hit em
We give no fucks bout your age, fuck that nigga Bibby
Fuck who ain't fucking wit me
5 years later niggas still getting popped
We gone fucking kill yo ass if you make a song wit an opp
Boy I know you really mad you fell in love with that thot
My whole gang gave her dick but you gave that hoe a lot
Aye, bitch bend it over makе your knees touch your elbows
We in all black bitch we bе flyer than some scarecrows
I ain’t smelling dawg finna shoot him in damn nose
Y’all done fucked up man them crackas free my nigga rose

Verse 2Spinabenz

Shug on my mind no time for thinking I’m straight spazzing
Pull up on they block and let they kin folks have it
Pull up with that yapper stick that semi-automatic
Know I’m coming right behind ya making sure they see a casket
It be me and my lil murder team
Tryna make a murder scene
Everything premeditated, if we go it’s 1st degree
They know I be drilling shit ain’t no way you ain’t heard of me
Catch an opp and flip the clip then go post up on evergreen

Verse 3Jdot Breezy

Pull up in a four door watch me jump out with the stick
They need to free my nigga Drey so we can slide through the six
I ain’t gotta speak on FeFe dude know that he a bitch
ass from Ridge why the fuck he claiming six
Y’all go click up with some niggas who never killed shit
Draco split and blow his chest out know for sure his mans hit Smoking where lil JuJu at cause I ain’t sparing jit
Smoking dank and eight damn mike should’ve got hit
Me and whop one chop one Glock god damn
N.L.M.B, bitch I’m banging for my mans, KP, KitKat, six flat
Awe man Teki pack mix with 35 and Bibby they a clan

Verse 4Spinabenz

3-5 died for Foolio but he don’t really care
FeFe you act like you love him but you sitting right there
Y’all won’t swing on evergreen but y’all will go spin on the Ave
Stop the car, shoot the driver it’s a fucking blood bath
Niggas faking like that on it but they knowing where we at
Nigga I’m on every drill know I’m living what I rap
We gone catch that nigga Charles and put six in his chest
If you really thinking smart you will go and get a vest
223 Kobe ass and get phoenix ass next
Cracka mama praying for him that nigga supposed to be dead
Old beef don’t die you can be next
Fuck all the opps alive and fuck them niggas who dead

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