SP✪TLIGHT – Shine On
Genre Pop

Shine On

Verse 1Ella, Orangina

Every day in the beginning
It’s a brand new start
That feeling when you could
Say anything you want
And no one judges
Sometimes I feel like
I can’t find my light
So I just try to go on
Try to ignore
All the negative things that they say

Before chorusLinda

When you have went far enough
And they finally recognise
All the efforts that you’ve made
Is it too late? Is it just fate?
No, you’ll keep on

ChorusAll, Rose

Shine on, shine on
It’s a legend that you’ve stayed
Shine on, shine on
For so long even when they hate
Shine on, shine on
Forever you will shine, so bright
Like a star that will never fade out, shine on

Verse 2Lizzie, Ella

Every time
I try to make my mark
People don’t realize
It’s like I’m invisible
And so are all my efforts
You can’t take it back now
Everything has an end
It’s too late to regret
The choices you have made

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