Sowdy – Celebrate
Genre Rap


[Verse 1
Im PG13, yeah I’ll always come back
I put this on my friends, scream slime, yeah SLATT
I hit a home run, with my own ball bat
I got one dream, put the 6 on the map
I got 50 queens they surround me like that
I got 100 problems, but I am the goat, so that’s a wrap
I got no feelings for a man thats a rat
I got 100 reasons why i wanna get racks
I comeback man, running man on a hoe
Push back, way the bass got the blow
I'm the improved peter pan, I don’t age, I just grow
I got a shot like pistol, I'm gonna make it big, whoa
Whiplash, baby I'm a rockstar
Big bands, hitman take you out like a few hands
Shawty I'm the GOAT like, oh man
Oh, oh, oh man
Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I put that on my life

[Verse 2
Made it out of the shit box, a little homie was down with the corpses
I got up, I dust it off, I built the fortress
The old heads they don't get me, they be nauseous
But all the ladies they love it, think I’m gorgeous
I celebrate the life that I live coz it is numbered
I seen the numbing effects of the drugs, I don’t touch it
I seen life lost from being reckless, it's rough here
The next man that I see abusing get popped there
Long live Pat, I love you, long live Dido
Long the rest if you try be my rival
Got dreams that one day, ill spar with my idols
Put them in a box, with a ribbon say, love you
Thank you whoever for lifting me up
I got love in a cup, and I'm swirling it up
While I'm nervous and stuff, I'm observing and it;s tough
From the bleaches, no bluff, I got dealt, so what’s ups?

Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I put that on my life
Verse 3
Never have you heard someone so ill
Wait, plus he’s Aussie and he white? Oh real
Nowadays I do not write, I recite for real
Endless potential, I've prevailed through hell
Oh we done seen a lot of drama on my corner, ay
Been to 5 locations, always had a love encounter, ay
I got lots to teach, i got a lot to learn aswell, ay
6, 6, 6, 6 rings, like I’m Jordan, ay
Prosper and pass, all in my bag
All in my head, was all in my head
I will not be dead, I know that if i fail
It is a lesson, you gonna see still
It's going well, celebrate it still
No matter what condition, Im trynna make a mil
No matter what position, I'll end up like the rock
Yeah, you label me pop, i don’t care, i get top

Yeah, yeah, yeah
And I put that on my life
Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate
My life, my life, my life

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