SovseGang – Fuck Romeo - English lyrics
Genre Rap

Fuck Romeo - English lyrics

Yeah, welcome to SovseGang
We're laying hard on the beat, the chinese beat

Vers 1Lil Stegepann

Jens Hansen had a farm
You're trying to overturn me, I'm the only one who understands
Your dick is small, and your mouth is big
You would almost think that you live at your mom's
Peeing on a fence and getting some electric shock
Your family is so big that you have famine
You talk so much about your caravan
I'm picking you up in a baby carriage soon
You had a fucking summernight
Right until you were abandoned
Lil Klogland, taking over the country

Vers 2Lil Klogland

Ey, lets bang this shit on
Stealing booze from some 7th graders
Can understand why they get a little mad
Run around think you are a snack
You are too wack
Disgusting little bitch
You can only score ugly girls [New Zealand
Cuz they are so easy to impress [Ya Ya]


Suck my dick [x4
Fuck Romeo [x8]

Vers 3Ung Ginger

Fuck Anna and August cause Ditte is the biggest whore
Her friend destroyed a TV and now she's standing and crying
Say you don't care about grades
But that's not completely true, and I can guarantee that
Said you got 10 in verbal german but that was a lie
You only got 7 auf wiedersehen, tschüss, moin
Fuck those 20%
Cause you thought we were homies
But that never happened
Cause I'm icecold like ice
We betray you like Tfue vs Faze Clan
Hanging your body on a fucking slide
I'm writing lyrics when I'm sitting and shitting
Cause I don't wanna waste my time
On such a fucking loser
But now I'm done shitting
So here you go Lil Krydstogt
Make Ung Remo fully cooked

ChorusLil Stegepann

What is Roemo? A fucking homo [x4
Suck my dick [x4]

OutroLil Stegepann

Aýe, no hard feelings Romeo
You're a good guy, you should know that
This is not hate, it's just jokes
We teasing teasing, playing a little with ping pong

Vers 4Lil Krydstogt

Says you pump iron, think you mean dick
You're so fucking distant, you would think you have a pussy, man
Turning over your career, like it was domino
Your legs are white, are you albino
Our sound is always on, we ride stereo
Your clothing is so cheap, you could get it for a euro

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