Souwer – Sour Patch Sewer
Genre Rap

Sour Patch Sewer

Sour Patch Sewer lyrics

I was born in the sewer but I grew up in the streets of Drucker
It started a long time ago
My sewer momma was a trucker
You were a just a sour sucker
Sour patch sewer, all you ate is peanut butter

You met her all alone in the sewer
You came to the sewer every day to pursue her
Sour patch sewer, then you decided you wanted to do her

And so you did, and you got a kid
Stole him and escaped to Madrid where you hid
You raised me til i was eight then left for your estate
Sour patch sewer, isn't that great
Lived my teenage years alone in Drucker block
Learned to reload the Glock, went to sleep at 3 o'clock
I raised enough money and flew back to my native spring
Sour Patch Sewer, the sewer of which I sing

Now I live back in the sewers, ascended in my true form
The rats begin to flee for I am the coming storm
Even cockroaches now call me master
The rest of the world await my incoming disaster

I am ruler, Lord of the Sour Patch Sewer
My dad ain't nothin but a loser
Better start running cause my sewer is coming
Better start running from the god I'm becoming

The streets are now infested with rats
I walk with a crown with people taking off their hats
Others just cower, fearing my great power
And others simply give me a flower

But it don't matter as long as the water is sour
We all know it's Sour Patch Sewer Hour!

He would reign supreme, in this land of waste and grime
His power would grow stronger with each passing time
The rats, they bow down and worship his name
For in this sewer kingdom, he had claimed his fame
Sour Patch Sewer, his birthplace and his home
He would protect it with all that he owned

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