Sounsaiseuth – Sounsaiseuth – @sounsaiseuth

Sounsaiseuth – @sounsaiseuth


And I so God damn empty, I said baby don't temp me
Like I'm losing my tears, I don't wanna go and hide right there
[right there
Lost inside
Lost inside
I don't wanna go and hide inside
Lost my mind, Lost my mind
I don't wanna go and lose my mind
On the grind, Yeah I'm really on the grind
Why the fuck you waste my time
Telling me all these Lies
You see what you really did to me
Now I'm up top living my biggest dream
[Biggest Dream
Popping all these perks
Got me hurt
Got me feeling real slow
Don't know where to go
Is it left or right
Hope I treat you right
Please don't belong to the roads


Out of my mind
Out of my mind
I don't wanna waste my time for you


And she text me back on the DM's
I said I don't wanna fuck with these demons
She ask me how the fuck I'm feeling
Ion even know how I'm feeling
Told her I got no heart
No heart to go so far
She a real demon slayer from past
Please baby I don't want you to attack

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