Sorisu – Never let u go

Never let u go

Feat. Veezuh


I'm on my own until the sun comes up
I wanna breathe, I wanna breathe
Don't wanna move or get out of bed
I'd rather die and lay here instead
Til' I saw your face in my head again


When I saw your face
Nothin' ever felt the same
You're ripping me apart
You're tearing me away
Can't seem to escape
Even though I try and try again
I can't help but feel like it's the end
I just wanna be in your arms
And I promise I can do no harm
You have a special place in my heart
Let's not еnd this
I remember all thе times that I miss
I'd have you right here, if I could make a wish
It's fucked up, how feelings work like this
But I can't help it and you can't help me
I know you said sorry, but that don't change it
I still lost a part of me, I still lost a part of me, I still lost a part of me
Saw your face, lost a part of me
Tearing me away, I don't need apologies


I just wanted you to know
I'm never gonna let you go
I lost some of myself inside of you
I left some of myself inside of you

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