Genre Rap


Never talk a lot, all you niggas just cap
Never talk a lot, all we know is just dubs
Wanna see more, never living a shell
Your style too old like the books in the shelf
When i'm on my pull up these niggas get curved
Everytime i pull up these niggas change roads

Really got no time for the lames
Niggas can't stop me, i'm God in they faces
Niggas can't stop me, everytime they see me
Get a runny tummy, chopping you niggas
God DAMN can't stop me
Piss on your pants on gang can't play me
You cannot catch up with mе on this race
You gotta work hard at reaching my pace
Pull up on mе lemme teach you the basics
Playing guitar like i'm Jimi the Hendrix
Ok back to the story,my opps girl wants me
Not my fault man i'm sorry
Yeah, niggas cap a lot saying they the best
In the hood, i ain't even say much I'M THE BEST
In the hood

Claim my spot, fuck your girl in the woods
Said she got problems, i'm the one with the tools
This is how we do it, i don't play by the rules
Niggas cap a lot, got no Glock how you shoot?
Pink hair, pink heartz only
Dealership every week, but you ain't copping
Sipping my lean, man i feel like a zombie
Starting the fye like my name Tony
Booling alone, damn you so lonely
My weed too loud, but never gon' choke
Say you better than me, you JOKING

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