Something New – Jakewolf
Genre Pop

Something New

Blankets. stripes
Contact with eyes, if you make it matter
I'll keep that in mind
Silly games
Don't say my name
If they know who i am, they may know what you like
Actually. for real
Simple seems tough
I can't get enough
They're all high on drugs
And when you spill your guts
Yeah, you're my drug
Safely whisper
Sure thing, i kissed her
How could it not be alright?
Like what you like
Be you
If you're always on my team, we can always be something new
Something new
Don't hide from you
I'm sorry, i don't want to tell you what to do
I just want it all
No, not through the wall
I'm ready to meet you when you want mе to
It will be something new

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