Someone to Love Me – Solomon Burke
Genre Pop

Someone to Love Me

You made me love you
You played me for a fool
Told me so may little things
Yes, you did
Like going to school
Took my heart, think about it
Turned it upside down
Walked away and left me
You didn't even smile or frown

Told all our friends
That our love was through
You had the nerve to come to the dance
With somebody new
But listen to me, baby
You thought you had me fooled, baby
But let me tell you the surprise
I found myself somebody
I finally opened up my eyes
And that's why I can sing tonight

I finally found...
Oh yes, I did
Someone to love me, oh yes
Someone to love me, now listen
Let me tell you all about my baby

I found myself somebody
That knows my do's and my don'ts
I said I found myself somebody
Who knows my wills or my won'ts, baby
I found myself somebody this evening
She touched my soul
I finally found myself somebody
That gives me what I want
When I want it
How I want it
Everytime I think I want it...

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