Some Kinda Mission Statement – ThisIsDA
Genre Rap

Some Kinda Mission Statement

It's real tough these days

Though, i can make a way


Mhmm do you hear me

I'm making moves i'm making waves

Studying my book, carry a page

Saying i'm weak; gimme a day

Watch how i work, how i behave

How i just slave, i do not play

Only invest, i don't get paid

People my age what do they make?

Have i been wise

Made a mistake

Look at my face, keeping it straight

So many thoughts, i calculate

I came in late, they can't relate

At my own pace, hence all the hate

I work for God, they can be saved

He overwrite like a template

What do you say when there's no faith

And they be looking at you like you're strange

You should know by now

Ain't no slowing down, i'm closer now


[than i ever been, can't see road ahead of him]

Talk bout mission

I'm on a mission, get that spinnin'

Words i'm reeling captured feelings

Take time out i'm healing

Might climb out that ceiling

Real product of that sinning

Dot to dot you can't kill him, not an opp and no drillin'

When there's God from the beginning you can't stop

So take stock - i'm here for the winning

I'm here with a vision

How we the same? you're clearly imprisoned

Locked up lost the decision

Can't stay still, can't listen

Don't take heed for advice you're given

Can't let my vice go missing

All of this time it's the enemy in him

Gotta deal with it like jake gyllen and stick to the script i'm given

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