Solo – Tinashe
Genre R&B


Verse 1

Quiet nights
Leanin' on my headboard
In my bed clothes
Thinkin' 'bout all the thing you said boy
Like an echo

Before chorus

And I been wrong
I'll admit it
I'm not perfect though I try
Heal me down
Oh you did that
Didn't even blink an eye
But I'm strong
I move on
Guess the timing wasn't right
From here on out
Best believe it
You won't even see me cry


Oh guess that I don't need your help
Umma do it by myself
Just 'cuz I'm alone
Doesn't mean I'm lonely oh
I can handle on my own
Better off
Oh Oh
I can handle on my own
Better off
Oh Oh
That's the way I like it though

Verse 2

Cloudy days
Rollin' on the freeway
With the top down
So I can drown out the whispers with the wind in my bass loud
You were right
I'll admit it
When you overlook my strength
That's within me
It's that shit that you can't take
And I won't
I won't give in
'Til I can't look
You in your face and say "Hey thank you for insensitive tours, this money in the bank."

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