Soldier – Miles Better
Genre Rap


Verse 1

In these days, my child, one must be a soldier
Stone cold sober, bolstered to hard boulders
Nobody wants to see you whispering Sisyphus
I’m the antithesis of Icarus, wings clipped, mind infinite
Times is different, conflicts latent are spoken figurative
You can’t plot the coordinates for forces if you’re still living it
A Marxist marks at his targets ‘cause folks’ circumstances are jarring this
Cause and effect shit won’t be cost effective when Brexit hits
‘cause Tories see in terms of pennies and pound signs
They’re kicking out the ladder that’s dirty needles and pocket knives
You canna lose a life when you’re too busy tryna get one
Born to run underworld
tumors, get it by the lump sum
Glasgow’s effective at leaving you breathless at 61
Six different ways to die, choose four
rattle in the door, asking after a homeowner
But alone, the hope of a poet broken, coping only through mouths open for a soma

Verse 2

Skeleton key to open my closet
Got any idea how much a deposit costs in this climate?
For sake of divine rights fauna
I smoke ’til it’s a sauna
All the hoping tomorrow
Pay for god’s green earth, boxed in a cubic meter
Puffing clouds of sativa at St. Peters evil keys up
Gs up for the Jesus
Lost the hope like Theresa, like Peter
The fact that I worry about how I perceive suggests I’m not busy enough
Penning bars, attending to my leaves
Do I tell it like it is?
Nah, I show up like WC in fields, I’m here and take the piss

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