Solbug – PK Gang (Lucky You Remix)
Genre Rap

PK Gang (Lucky You Remix)


Yeh, yeh, yeh

Verse 1

I don’t get enough hate every day
Yes I know, what everyone gonna say
Yeh they out here throwing shade
Every time I win they complain, I don’t even get it
They say, spammer, Imma gamer, what's the difference
What's up GANG! PK GANG!
I’m a Ness
Throw you down
In the ground
Imma hit you with that fair
That is just the wear and tear
Best to start saying your prayers
I’d prefer you didn’t stare
Pass the Test
Feeling Blessed
I’m the Best
Should Confess
I’m a Ness
PK pop off
PK pop off
PK pop off
Imma Take Off
Imma Take Off
Imma Take Off
Never Gon’ Stop
Never Gon’ Stop
Never Gon’ Stop
PK pop off
PK pop off
PK pop off
Playing the game, and I’m playing the same, but these people are losing their minds
Say he’s a B tier, maybe a C tier, till you step up to the line
Cause when I choose this fucking badass, you should know that you’re screwed
You say ness ain’t got no combo’s till I’m comboing all over you
I’m in your face but now I’m not
I’m in the air so now you're gone
Using Aerials like Ursula
Cause Bitch now it’s personal
It’s like a cat and mouse game at high percent and when you so close to the ledge
Asking Sakurai for nerfs like you snitching to the feds
I guess Ness is too good for them to play against
But apparently he’s too bad for them to play as
At least my main has a little bit of pizzaz
Cause I’m mining away at your stocks like your topaz
Throw in the ball I'm the batter
Here they call me the Mad Hatter
You shooting your shot like a splatter
These double u’s don’t even matter
69 percent cause your bitch give me brain
But not as much brain
As when I see tea go off
Like Pacman, like a mad man on mainstage
I got a nine in the back pocket
But I don't play game and watch you wanna watch it
This flow and this track you never can stop it
Bitch I got a bank let me make a deposit
Got a Louis bag with the laced up kicks and you know that I come with the fit
Send little Lucas back to Mother 3 like it’s 2006
Like the masked man imma reveal but I ain’t killing myself for the show
You tried to Replace me in melee, but bitch I’m still here and I ain’t ever letting that go
Yeh pk
Pk pk pk
Yeh this a gang yo
Clutching up for my ness bros
Never let that shit go
We ain’t let that slide
Rule the roller like a ruler
Fuck fire emblem
I'm tired of em
Shooting all these bitches down cause I’m tired of em
Yeh I’m earthbound
And I’m heaven sent
But I’ll always be hell-bent
I am your apocalypse
There is nobody stopping us
Steal all your stocks like a one-two fist
But cause we the steelers we come with the blitz
Shoot him up like Brutality, Fatality
Got an AR but not Virtual Reality
Don’t be offended by my informality
Cause the fans stand when they want to rally me
Call me Stan Lee the way that I Marvel at how they can’t seem to stand me
It’s like a Flintlock the way that I cock flint whenever I whip out the Glock 18
Yes 18, that’s the age of consent when I fuck up this beat like I’m beating a bitch
Lemme switch quick like a switch click like when these joycons pop into my switch
Hold up let me slow down, I can slow down so you can take it all in
I haven’t finished just warming my lips so that I can finally spit on this shit
Lemme change up the rhyme scheme like a live stream when I get all the bits
Sometimes I feel so smart give me a wheelchair, finna Stephen hawkings the bitch
This ones for the comebacks and the clapbacks and the fat slaps
This ones for the yo-yos who hold the ledge like a mousetrap
But there ain’t no cheese on the end of this wood
This Louisville slugger send you back to the hood
Ness mains gotta fight back and fight back until we understood
Damelo la uve Doble
Porque yo soy en fuego
You ride fucking dick like a
Blueberry Gayo
I’m the Viceroy like a Principality
Roy Jab Backair oh That’s a Travesty
Took a Dive from your ego onto your IQ
Suicide jump when I breakthrough
Every installation of this game
I’m making W’s rain
Fuck Zelda, I’m the elder
When I bring the online pain
These Sonic bois and campy links, they wanna say they are the best
Well you can’t mash out of PK Fire when I ain't got no ethernet
This is what it’s about
Front page story like I’m a clout Cloud
And your bitch yeah she call me shroud
Cause I’m sniping them like they getting plowed

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