SNT PTR – Peter's Introduction

Peter's Introduction

Hello no one is available to take your call
Please leave a message after the tone
The boney brother and the fat brother lie down there must be sleeping
And then ya wanna know why I don't Why I don’t answer when y'all call me
The same thing y'all does do me
You fat, you boney and he fat why don’t y'all answer the phone
Call me

BB rolling weed feeling free smoke the Dutch [Okay, yeah
Niggas pull my card boy I swear that's royal flush [Okay, yeah
Wanna fall in love but don't think that's enough [Okay, yeah] Woah
Speeding down the road why am I in a rush [Okay
[Wait this my favorite part
Dropping Peter probably been the hardest thing I've done [Okay
Still got throwaways in file from 2020 bitch
Niggas talking big like they swear they not my son [Oh yeah
What name did you use to get that new wrist [What name did you use to get that new wrist kid][Yeah
I just went to collage like a scholar I'm the one [uh huh
Y'all still back at home getting high or doing sumn
Y’all be fly as Icarus but don’t go near the sun [Oh no
Y'all be fly as Icarus but don’t go near the sun [Y'all be fly as Icarus but don't go near the Sunkist] [Oh yeah
Shining like I told my jeweler light it up Midas touch
Kissing who I want pay my bills pill provider of
Anything I need doctor pastor righteousness enough
[She want everything like everything] like including love
She not even baby momma heaven or girl from the club
Wait pause no more play I think I need me a sub
She want everything by any means [including trust
Please don't test me test me scantron or I might erupt
Needa needa touch some grass speed off like an e-zpass
I’ve been waiting
Y'all can't even see the face silhouette kissing like we already met
[What's life like for you] 6x
What's this lemonade tasting like
Ryl been shooting movies like it's truly blessings when shit happens
Saint been calling Peter like I'm Jesus lights no camera action
LCA still on the way but K how your life little nigga
Niggas think I'm tripping till jack in black go and up that pistol
Looked at banking who you figure just went up a figure nigga
Bought Cîroc for Cîroc no rock diddy bop my pristine liquor
Drifting while I'm mudding traction out the window wheels done tricked ya
Saint be talking halos and mayo white and his cute ass sista
Spent some fucking money on some Jordan Ace [Jordan 1's
Where them when I want I'm the one who payed [facts facts
Rapping making art and some movies wait [wait a minute wait a minute
Reverse the last clip I deserve a break
Working like I'm dead
Walking like I'm fresh
4 my kind I'm set
4 of a kind a set
Fighting war no trench
Gun no bayonet
BB eighty-six
Saint bout thirty-six [yeah yeah
What's life life for you?
Like exciting I don't know like adventurous
Niggas do a lot of stuff to keep myself entertained
What's life life for me?
What kind of question is that
That's such a thought provoking question
Shit is lit boy I'm alive
So umm yeah Shit is lit boy I'm alive I don't know like
Shit's good
I don't know it's gonna be hard but you can't look at it that way
Its gonna be mad fun
Shit is lit
My life is fire

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