SnovvMan – MOney KiNG
Genre Rap

MOney KiNG

IntroZexy Hunter

What's in the money?
If it makes you sick
Remove all the bullshit
Stay true to your clique


Money, Money, Money, Money [x3
Money, Money, Money...


Money is the King

Verse 1Fux Bunny

Cold sweat dripping from my forehead
Room's so hot, soon I'll turn to omelette
Cutting buns, to get some more sweet huns
Working here, supposed to be more fun

French fries, king size, ice-cream, coke or sprite?
Place your order, and move aside
Don't hold the line, sit down inside
We'll bring your order, in no time
8,45 is on my mind
I'm being part of common crime
Exploitation be the end of human hive
What a [great] time to be alive
But I-
Never was a fan of fast food
People act rude, don't respect you
Make you feel blue, man I am through
If former self knew, man I'd be screwed
Making music is my thing
With it can earn anything
I don't mumble and trap
Now everyone's into that
Grew up listening to Em
Thought I was his only Stan
Rap was different back then
Storytelling was important
Now I see nonsense and boredom
Internet is the courtroom
Wrong word and you can't defend
Against the hornet's nest
Shit's intense, hence you start
Following trends to meet demands
Filling your face with tats
Wrist and neck are so cold
Bitches sure love that
But what about the craft?
I also come from rags
Still won't join this race of rats
I wanna leave an impact
Instead of a gunny sack

Favorite color was green
Chased it since I was a teen
Learned it was THE most important thing
Even though much of it I'd never seen

Mama was fired from school
Had to sell all of her jewels
Earrings and family heirlooms
Rings and a necklace, goddamn it was cruel

Then she just flew far away
So we could have gifts on -- birthdays
I still can't deal with the pain
But prolly I shouldn't complain

Cause 8 out of 10 kids had the same problem
Broken home leads to some poor outcomes
Enslaved by the smoke into liquor they dive
Then repeat the cycle with their own wives

But I
Would indulge myself in books and rhymes
The only place where I could hide
The spark in me was so damn bright
Thought I could be, famous overnight
Red the lyrics to my dad
But he got so fucking mad
Told me Time is money, So stop wasting mine
Find 9 to 5, that should be fine [why
No one will listen to your rhyme
Being optimistic, brings no dime
Feeding family, is the only prime
Clear your mind, from music grind

Now Favorite color is still green
No nicotine or booze, can top this dopamine
The Ultimate vaccine, the healthiest vitamin
Even for the smallest chunk, I'm going all in..

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