Snir Yamin – Missed Love feat. Yoed Nir

Missed Love feat. Yoed Nir

Feat. Yoed Nir

I know that sometimes I've been a liar
But I just wanted to save you from me
Keep your head up, keep your heart clear
And don't fall because a fool who doesn't know what the fuck he wants to Be

Sometimes I miss myself

I'm afraid to be the one who says the last word
It's just that I can never complete even the smallest thing, even the deepest thing
But I've had enough of running; I've had enough of hiding all the time

Sometimes I wish to stop

The blonde-hair lady who's sitting right in front of me
Is getting a hard time to write to her lovely man
Who's far away, she wants him to be here
But the world keeps drive her crazy; the world keeps drive on the opposite Road

Sometimes you miss love
Sometimes I miss you

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