Smokingskul – Tracksuit
Genre Rap




Verse 1Smokingskul

All orange tracksuit like a mug
I got a Glock-40 not no sub'
I feel like Whitney in the tub
Wait, blood who that is cuz’?
I'm in that tinted coupe, that's a must
Bitch, I’m trappin' till dusk
Now these niggas tryna fuck with us
You want you a feat, that's two-fifty
Masked up, he don't know who hit 'em
That nigga dead, he gon' take his crew with 'em
I put three-five in the aluminum
All white tracksuit like I'm sick in the head
I’m sippin’ on purp', I’m sick of the red
I'm in the mystery van like Daphne and Fred
They took my lingo, they ain't give me no cred'

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