SMILE – Sean Auguste
Genre Rap


Good morn or Evening friends

Said It

In the night I hear these footsteps
Take me to a place I ain’t never been
And I hope it’s really special for me
Niggas like me never win
Getting paid like we illiterate
Feel alone with all these folks here
Cause they be focused on that bullshit
And I be searching for something real
I'm still
Looking for the avenue that’s paved with Gold
And as soon as I find it imma ease down the road
I hope at the end I see my momma there
Then see my G ma play in Big Daddy hair
I got my sister sending pictures back from Birmingham
Got my emotions going up and down
I can't act like that ain't something I ain't used to
I can't compare yesterday to now
I learned never interfere with what God is working out
Never doubt

Good morn or evening friends
It’s your friendly announcer

‘Magine the day we don’t worry about anything
That's what I wish more than everything
Not for myself but everybody around me
So when you elevate stay grounded
It’s not your actions that scare me
It’s more your mental and
What in your experience that lead up to this decision
You be acting like a bitch
Doing shit to get attention
Put the whole family at risk
Just so you can take a picture
[Hold up
You ain't’ even photogenic
But you love the recognition
And that’s something that I get
You say it’s bout the money
But it must be more than that
But ain't no use of discussion
If we ain't bringing up facts
Im’ma say what I mean
And don’t hide behind LOL
I been, weighing decisions
That might end me up in jail
I’m up, Recording late
Kuz I ain't been sleeping well
I been going through hell
And it’s getting really hard to

Kuz the worst thing to happen
Be the best thing to happen to me
If I don't let the devil get the best of me
Greatest present to man was a thinking mind
If you play a stupid game
Then you win a stupid prize
They told me if I want it gotta sacrifice
Thinking bout giving up these bitches
Start a brand new life
Give her everything she wanted
In return get mine
I shoulda been did it
Both of the kids was a sign
If what I’m saying make you mad
That mean you ain't the one
But I
Never forget where our story begun
Only matter of me committing
And a matter of Time
And when I put out my next album
Hope u still go and buy it
Lot of niggas doing Uber
Trading money for time
I'd rather be broke and grind
That'll show em my drive
Let the repo take my whip
Just to humble my pride
I didn't ask for no money
Still don't ask for no rides
Ride public transportation
Where I wrote all these rhymes
I'm Feeling like Eminem
When he wrote 8 mile
ReEnrolled back in school
Gwen would be so proud
But I been low key learning shit
That I always knew about
Confirmation more than information
But I still Met some great friends
So I'm grateful
Niggas go in debt for less
I feel the Lord is able so
He can wipe it off right before it my credit
Living in the Lion's Den
Goliath trying David
Water into wine again
Kuz all your people are straying
Said if it don't kill me
It's gon only make you stranger
Artist have it hardest
Only right we keep the change
Wonder why we hard to love
And it's hard to keep us sane
Like in order to create
Gotta keep going through pain
Hope you hear me in this mother fucker
I'm spitting in this mother fucker
Excuse me if it hit you in your face
I am just the vessel
They be tryna kill the messenger
Keep on missing the message
And that keep em in the game
I raised my children different
Anybody share my name
Get automatic benefits
And the skip the 90 days
Fuck working for a job
It's time to incorporate
But these hard times
Make it hards for anybody to smile

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