Slit ft. Lil Spongebob – Young Misty
Genre R&B

Slit ft. Lil Spongebob

Prod by Sample

ChrousYoung Misty

I'm causing suicide, I’m tired of the hate
God made a past for of us, he is great
Don't break my heart
I'm sorry that I put you to the start
You couldn’t give a damn about me

Verse 1Lil Spongebob

Do you really think I give a fuck about you?
Nah, I don't care, I know about Jews
I'm so sorry, I really don't give a shit nigga wanna die
I don't give a shit, ok dick, this is a trick
Gunshots in my brain, I feel tame, give a little bit of shame
I'm at the Mick's, I'm so sad, it made my wrist slit

InterludeLil Spongebob [Young Misty

Hey, D’Mayne, my nigga?
D, hey D, you okay?
[No, I’m not, but...
Why the hell you cryin', mane
[My ex caused me to commit suicide
[I might have my wrist slit
[*gets razor*

Chrous 2Lil Spongebob

Don't use your wrist slit
Please don't have your wrist slit
I know she caused you to commit suicide
If you die, I'll die
I’m having my time

Verse 2Young Misty

Even my friends don't want me at school
Even the students don't want me at school
They won't sit by me at lunch
When I walk up to them, I always getting punched
Even my ex don't want me, lung
To you and you not understand when my ex kicked me out
For rapping for fame, I just had a frown
That will always be on my face, I need to get my wrist slit
I won't be okay, no no, even this is not decent


OutroLil Spongebob [Young Misty

It's okay, my nigga
You are a rapper, I'll take care of the dumb hate, ok?

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