Slickrhyme – Me against the politics
Genre Rap

Me against the politics

Me against the politics lyrics

Me against the politics
Politics or nothamic

Politics got a messed up mind
Dont even know how to provide
For the people in need of a house or food
Its time we stand up for our rights
Tell them what wrong and right
Cause some of us is getting near the end of time

Politics is just a relationship
We dont know if its love or hate
All of us are busy sinking like a burned ship
Cause they want us all to act the same way
But we want what is ours not a devour

What are we without god
Take a moment and takе a shot
Cause we need peacе in this life
We fought for peace but got sgiht
We need money to build schools and
Health facilities for people in need

When are we gonna love each other
Not follow a system of cover
Cause gof put us together for a reason
We need to be together theough all seasons
What is this life of ours without meaning
We need us to be united

Where do we find equality
Because nowadays we judge each other
On quantity and what we offer
Not all our qualities in tact
Cause its time we set us free
In fact

When will we fight for whats ours
Not sit in the dark wondering
When we will take a shower
Waiting for good news to your doorstep
I need the goverment to lose
And us to sit in a win

Where will we search for answers
And reasons why we need a peaceful sleep
Not nights awake in a terrible dream
We are what we see not what we wish
I need to speak with the president
Cause he is mr know it all

Tell me if its just me who want freedom
Or are we a team that want freedom
Not in a wonderland dreaming
About what we need or is it
Maybe us against the world

Pre -verse 2
Where is the promises made
To us about changing the way
In which the country is now
Or was it just to start a rate
Of prejudice bull crap on a system
Designed to always win

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