Genre Pop


SENTI // MENTAL lyrics

Verse 1Alaska Sargent

I keep their name atop the screen
To remind myself how good I had it
And now they're better off without me
Touring basements with the laundry stashed in the corner of the room

ChorusAlaska Sargent

I should have told you sooner
Before you walked away
How much you meant to me
Antagonize my impulse
My cries are heard in vain
Am I supposed to be
This sentimental?

After chorusAlaska Sargent


Verse 2blissom

I still remember the last time you told me
That everything will be okay just keep holding onto the branch that sprouted out your chest
And I'm
Too busy staring at the falling leaves
To remember how you phrased it
But I like it better this way anyway
So lets
Let the water do its thing
The dirt beneath my fingertips getting harder to ignore
And I know it doesn't matter
That we're far away from spring
But every glimpse just shatters every hope I have of healing

Verse 3shibes

I don’t believe your story
So tell me how I feel
The shadows of your presence
Come back to torture me
But I know they’re not real
I know I can’t look back
But my past grabs me by the head, every time
I just can’t help but think
Would it all be so much better if I was dead


I tore my ego apart til' I crumbled away
[Was I good enough for you?
And held inside all the things that were torturing me
[Did my frailty show right through?
My broken wings all the lies that I want to believe
[Always second guessing the life that I want to live
But when I'm next to you
But when I'm next to you

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