Introhexd, *Rhinozz*, **gupsemicolon**, ***syrxp8008***

Umru said I'm cute, umru said I'm cute!
**[I need to make some ketchogurt]**
***[One more!]*** *kmoe is dead!*

Verse 1Afraid of the Dark?, *Sam Lavagnino*, **flexii.**

[Meow] Hitting the giddy for the US military
[Fuck] Tryna survive but then the odds are stacked against me
*[I'm really spooky!]* kmoe just hopped out of the vent and he stabbed me
[This y'alls fave?] Yeah, he grabbed me
**[Woof!]** Shirin turned me into a pancake like Stanley
Run my car down, tryna escape like Stanley
[Noelle "Afraid of the Dark?" does not, in any way, shape, or form, support the US military
I'm chilling with umru in the backrooms!

Verse 2vai5000

I just can't get out of this place
Yeah, tracey brakes going crazy right there, behind me
Gonna hit the giddy, watch me go, run from kmoe
Shut that door, I don't want to find the goop room
Can't catch me 'cause I'm not real
Yeah, I'm just a product of mass schizophrenia
I'm not real, lol
Just hit the giddy
Hot like blissom's shirt
Tryna escape Area 51 but I can't, no

Verse 3blissom, *Enya Umanzor*

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Area 51 [woo!
Me and the squad pulling up with a loaded gun
*[Bitch, what the fuck?]*
Don't open that door
Shirin's there, gonna leave you bleeding on the floor [oof
Hexd is spinning, gonna leave me feeling dizzy
I'm on kmoe, let's all hit him with the glicky
Get the fuck out my room, Mom, I'm busy
Jedwill's trapped, gonna make him hit the giddy

Verse 4syrxp8008

Who the fuck is tracey brakes?
Shoot her in the fucking face
Smoking crack out of a vase
Michaels crafts sale, Labor Day
Save my friends, and they're gay!
Shirin behind a door, 1984
In that camo shooting kmoe
Stacking Robux every eighth note
9 + 10? 21
Pop a 30, 51
17 up on my gun
12 are dead, fuck the feds

Verse 5hexd, *ChrisTheStylish*

Smoking on kmoe's pack, yeah, you know what I want
Tracey brakes in the backrooms in Area 51
If you dont hit the giddy, then who are you, bruh?
Shirin killed me 5 times, it's annoying
Jedwill in the garden, man, I'm snoring
Umru trapped in the backrooms, bet it's boring [boring
I flew into the knife and it didn't feel nice
I went down the alleyway and I took a sharp right
I got my umru soundkit straight off of Splice! [yay!
Chris locked me out the door so many damn times *[sorry!]*
Can't think of anything, so I don't like spice

Verse 6cherryrizla

Got a raygun with me
But it barely does some damage, why it playing with me?
Bella, get on kmoe's head
No, no, this not Among Us, why he coming from the vent?
I just got one-tapped by tracey brakes, like what the heck?
I just hit the griddy on a hyperpopper's neck
Why did Evie make a goop room, it's a house, give some respect to it
I just hit the backrooms and seen umru, he was not moving

Verse 7mintymints

Hitting the giddy like I'm on umru
Kmoe in the vent, pop out, scare you
I thought we were friends before
I was locked outside the door
Respawn at the top and jump right through [oof
Pissed off, starting air raids
I bet you pronounce it like /bleɪd/ [woo!
Gonna step on Evie's ears [meow!
Catch me shooting all my peers, yeah

Verse 8cat.flp

I'm on Roblox Studio, I'm so fly like UFO
Watch out for that tracey brakes, homicide is all she know
Book it to the right side, don't open that white door
Crazy killer catboy, I bet he's a calico [nya!
And I gave you all these flowers, why'd you chase me down the hall?
Know this isn't in your heart, can you just give me a dall?
I don't think they wanna talk, everybody's got a knife
You can try to run away, but you're gonna lose your life

Verse 9gupsemicolon

I shut all the doors, let's just party in the lobby
But I can't trust nobody, so I keep a toolie on me
Jump over the tape and find a tunnel leaking goop
Head up to the meeting room so we can get the scoop
We trapped kmoe, so we pull up on his block
Hurricane hexd gonna spin 'em like a top
Air raid incoming, flashbang out
Shirin's right behind you and he won't make a sound
Jedwill's coming quickly so I better close the door
Evie's standing under it and now she's in the floor
Chilling in the backrooms, hit the griddy, I like bladee
Party in the goop room, hit the giddy, shoutout minty
Down the halls and around the corner
Tracey's coming, let's avoid her
Feeling dangerous, feeling spiteful
No escape, it's just survival

Verse 10iheart, *Rhinozz*, **iheart & Rhinozz**

*[kmoe, kmoe, kmoe, kmoe, kmoe]*
Kmoe, kmoe, kmoe
Kmoe kmoe, kmoe kmoe
Kmoe kmoe, kmoe, kmoe kmoe, kmoe, kmoe kmoe, kmoe, kmoe kmoe *[hop in the vent!]*
*kmoe*, kmoe, *kmoe*, kmoe, *kmoe*, kmoe, *kmoe kmoe*
Kmoe, kmoe, kmoe kmoe
*kmoe*, kmoe, *kmoe, kmoe*
**kmoe** kmoe kmoe, kmoe kmoe, k-

OutroRandom Child

[Aah! I'm obviously the best, so like, of course I do these...
[Look at all these trickshots, I'm gonna do a... 360.]

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