– digital cyanide
Genre Pop

​digital cyanide

​digital cyanide lyrics


Ive been popping out ripping up all the seams
Tangle up the wires in the dreams that seem to repeat like
When will you wake me up from this nightmare
I can't really tell apart whats in front me

Youre so full of shit just numbers on a board
Youre not even aware dont have a fucking clue no
Whats goin on behind your cores

Tore up with a single thought of breaking up a mold you took it by storm you shatter apart the world's just like glass and now creation won't relax

Inside all these visions while im outside
Got revisions from my folks in the far side
Shoot in hard light
Please dont see me in a bad eye
Got a sharp sight
But i fear of basking in the limelight
You dictate whats on my mind please dont feed me your digital cyanide

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