– Call of the void
Genre Pop

Call of the void

Call of the void lyrics

IntroNewscaster, quququinny

Reports have been coming in of a number of so-called "dimensional rifts" forming across the country
The origin of these phenomena is unclear, however authorities have announced that they are beginning to investigate
In the meantime, their advice to anyone who happens across such portals is to stay away

Before I leave I pack my bag with the essentials
And I walked to that rotting hotel, left abandoned near Staple’s
Snеaking through corridors and I heard this droning noise
Tracing it to the basеment to find quite the surprise
A menagerie of rippling colors, swirling around a deep dark center
Like a tunnel into the ether
It felt as if time itself had come to a halt as I
Stand still watching strange objects float by
Consoles from my childhood that I haven’t thought about in years
Some fuzzy pink little aliens, it’s eyes unblinking spheres
A live chicken encased in a bag of ziploc
All while I heard the rapidly ticking clock

These portals are dangerous extradimensional rifts
If one is found, DO NOT APPROACH IT

What is this thing? How did it get here?
I put my arm out and I crept near
My heart is thumping and bumping
I feel like a thousand degrees and ice cold
As I try to ignore the smell of this old basement’s mold
Something calling for me from inside
Hesitating and slowing my stride
I shimmied my way closer and closer only to find
That as I reached the end I felt myself being thrust within
And I felt ready for the journey about to begin

BreakdownJoe Diden AI, Bueller

This is a certified Bueller classic
Bark Bark

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