You're in the sleepy zone-

Verse 1shibes

Shoutout Bella, it's your 22nd birthday
We all know that without you it would not be the same
Logging on, we sleepin' in the zone like everyday
It's your birthday so we couldn't help but sing your name
We wanna let you know how much you mean to all of us
You do so much for all your friends
You always add that Bella touch

Verse 2anem0s

B-b-b-b-b-b⁠— Blissom birthday
Hope it's great in every way on this 25th of May
Hope you get a million plays [or something like that, I don't know
Ma-ma-ma-ma-made the beat I gotta say
I'm glad it didn't go to waste, blisscord pulled up on my phone
Leo pictures gettin' shown
Don't even gotta lеave my home
And I nevеr feel alone, no I never feel alone
There’s community you’ve grown
It's only gotten greater and its shown

Verse 3cat.flp

Shoutout, but today I'm wide awake
Bella's turning 22, and we're eating lots of cake
And she gets the biggest slice, 'cause today's her special day
And so happy birthday Blissom, we all love you by the way
'Cause it's Blissom day, Blissom day
Eating cake with Bella Fae
Everyday is Blissom day but today's even cooler
Happy birthday Blissom, really hope you have a super
Crazy wacky birthday, here's a hug through the computer

Verse 4leastfavorite!

Happy birthday Bliss, I'm recording this
In my bedroom on my phone
I can't record it outside 'cause you are hosting
Hope your day is great, hope you eat some cake
Would you save a slice for me?
But if not it's fine, I'll just that time to buy a million burgies

Verse 5futureseeker and Taylor Swift

Bella Blissom is my best friend
She's with me until the end Bella's got the crew
I bet today she's really feeling 22
Oo, oo, oo, ee oo
Oo, oo, oo, oo
Oo, oo, oo, oo oo
Oo, oo, oo, e-e-e-e⁠—

Verse 6jauntsen!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It's a Blissy birthday, we be smoking glizzy
Playin' on Minecraft 'til the morning
I been super sleepy but I'm stayin' in my zone
We gon' catch a Fortnite dub 'cause we mine diamonds, not a stone
Shoutout Bella, that's my dawg
Hope you mine all of the diamonds
Oh shit, I hit you with another pick
Come to the end we gotta beat the Ender Dragon quick

Verse 7sc2un sh4re

Bella Blissy Blissom
You're like a uh... uhh...
[What rhymes with?-
You're like a prism
You take in light and you make it all colourful
Like the rainbow, you know?
That's- that's kinda gay
Um, happy birthday [y-yeah]

Verse 8flexii

Ba-ba⁠— B-b-b-ballin' like I'm Blissom
It's her birthday shoutout sleepy zone
If you don't think she's the bestest that's a misconception
So why don't you go home?
G-g-g-g-girl version of Jerma and she never heard of you
She's turning 22
Give it up for Bella Fae, we all know she's kinda gay
But you know that's okay 'cause its Blissom's birthday

Verse 9p3tro

It's your birthday
Everybody on their verse say
Big hugs, now I miss you in the worst way
Skip class just to kick it on a work day
Kick back let the music and the words play
I guess this is the least we could do
We're blessed just to know someone like you
Quick test, how often do you meet someone new
When they speak, makes the world feel bright and blue?
You're so awesome
Blissom I hope you will listen to this song often
You're so awesome
I'm so glad you exist cause the world's exchaustin'

Verse 9OG Lost

Happy birthday Bella Blissom from
Looking for you to open your mailbox for a— A birthday card!
What else would there be?
Everybody's up in the zone, we getting sleepy
Everybody's up in the zone, we getting [eepy
Everybody's havin' some fun, we feelin' okay
Everybody's up in the zone, for Bella's birthday [ay]

Verse 10appl3m4gg0t

Oh shit, happy birthday Belly
No matter what the people say, I know you aren't that smelly
I hope today treats you okay and that you have a good time
Gettin' through another year of your epic styling
9 PM CST, you know where I wanna be

Thank you for the music while we cozy up at home
Double clicking DJ, putting her in birthday zone -on-on-on-on—

Verse 11livewiress

My voice kinda fucked right now but HPB
I hope you get fucking famous and you get on HPD
And I hope that you get everything you want, like wait you see
And I would of made a drawing for your card but I can't draw
You're so cool I like your songs
Really love your music and I hope you never stop
Inspo' to my music even though I never drop
Blissom songs are music that I listen to alot
I feel like the eepy GIF because I'm really eepy
Always really cool whenever Blissom joins the VC
I can't take your call 'cause I'm with Bella playing Minecraft
Sleepy zone football tryouts

Verse 12vai5000

H-h-happy birthday, yeah
Hope you're doing great
Blissom coming with the radio
Happy birthday, you're turning 22
You're so cool, yeah
Happy birthday to Blissom

Verse 13Afraid of The Dark?

I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a time
Stare at the ceiling while I hold back what's on my mind
And when they ask me how I'm doing, I say, "I'm just fine"
And when they ask me how I'm doing, I say, "I'm just fine"
But the fact is
I can never get off of my mattress
And all that they can ask is
"Why are you so sad, kid?"
[I love you Blissom
You can see I'm tryin', you won't see me cryin'
I'll just keep on smilin', I'm good
And it just keeps on pilin', it's so terrifying
But I keep on smilin', I'm good
I've been carin' too much for so long
Been comparin' myself for so long
Been wearin' a smile for so long, it's real
So long, it's real, so long, i-i-i-i—

Verse 143moon

Hey guys, it's me, 3moon!
And today I'm gonna be teaching you how to suck fat cock
Throwing on a big one, sucking on his huge slong
Put it in my asshole, don't need no condom
dripping penis, spreading my jaws
oral, I make all the laws
Hey everyone, daily reminder
Uh, this is your daily reminder to go, uh
Suck a big penis- go, right now, and suck a big cock
And put it in your mouth and just have- have a good time with it
Just like- just like have a great- just like have a great time
I can suck dick anywhere you want me
I can suck dick in the back of an RV
I can suck dick at a attorney
Oh shit, guys!
The PO has found me!
First I grab the tip then
Swirl it around from
Suckin' it like it's the play of the game
I'm and his dick is a plane
We at the Wisconsin department of want to extend our congratulations to the state champion big sucker, Bella Blissom, on another birthday, may your penis get ever smaller

Verse 15accessgranted

Happy birthday to the grug rich queen herself, Blissom!
RXK Blissom
Eatin' as many burgies as possible
I hope you.. have the kind of birthday that made doin' it for all the money and the grugs worthwhile


Can't believe I agreed to mix that like what the fu-u-u-u—

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