Slaughterhouse – LBC
Genre Rap


Lyrics from Snippet

Verse 1KXNG Crooked

Peel the rag off my 650
Welcome to Crip City, riding to Makaveli
Tripping on how he dissed Biggie, with the bitch semi in the stash
Tempt me, I get busy on your ass, sipping Henny as I smash
Creep in and drive in, know it's wrong, where I'm from
N**gas die in the blink of an eye, we don't think of surviving
On the brink of extinction, you think I'm jiving
We ain't sinking, we diving head first when you get the bread first
Hoes, flagging down Crooked's car on the boulevard, my n**gas call it the
Where them shooters are like dammit, they pull your car
Even a play around, he getting bullet scars
Bitches having kids early, Grammas by their mid-30s
Raising their grandkids, I mean really though
Twerking on a *World Star* video
Just seen a hoe at the
Needed a hot combo and a lot of
Silly hoe, acting like a hundred dollar bill is a mill
Bitches get you killed


N**gas runnin your spot for the activis and pills
Plus they always trying to jack the latest rapper with a deal
Bodies being found on, laying with their heads turned off
Police, they blame Long Beach

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