Ski Mask the Slump God – OOGA BOOGA! (Mixed)
Genre Rap



Freaky gyal [Feeling like Omarion in like 2003
Hahahaha, freaky gyal [I'm Working on Dying
In the rain video, nigga, got my shirt off [Yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah [Hahaha, damn, NVBEEL]


Ned's Declassified, bitch, I'm fried [Yeah, yeah
In the club with a damn survival guide [Water
Toxic, said I'm like the cyanide [Yeah
An alien in a pod, no Tide [Yeah, yeah, yeah
Burnin' up, vampire, UV light, um [Haha
Made fifty K, like a feather, this shit light [Shit light
My dawg in jail, Ben Franklin, send a kite
Goulash, she eating good tonight [Yeah, yeah
In the Gulag, nigga, we can fight [Wе can fight
Take your tool off, nigga, can you fight? [Can you fight?
Ice on Pluto, my future's lookin' bright [Bright
Thе last line a metaphor, read it back [Man]

Before chorus

You need neuter, nigga, I'm a tutor [Tutor
Pull up on him with the cheese, got the gouda [Gouda
Don't invite me anywhere, I'm a looter [Yeah, yeah
I'm the boogeyman, ooga booga [Ooga booga]


What's up? What's up? [What's up?
What's up? What's up? [Yeah, what's up?
What's up? [What's up?] What's up? [What's up?
What's up? What's up? [Yeah, yeah, yeah, slatt]

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