Siren – Terrible Swift Sword

Terrible Swift Sword

The bottle roared that summer day
Gunfire heard for miles away
Cannon balls were biting stone
Cold shining steel cut to the bone
WHen the smoke had cleared away
Johnny Reb came out to play
The Union Army lay in wait
The blade of doom would choose his fate

Terrible swift sword
Bites flesh and screams for war
Sings loud as satan grins
As he triumphs once again

The north has built its industry
Their future in the factory
The South was close to mother earth
Plantation home a right of birth
The change in lifestyles caused the split
But that was just the half of it
The thought that all men should be free
Would break the bounds of slavery

Terrible swift sword
Casts a shadow on our land
Terrible swift sword
Scars our nation like a brand
A nations's tear would pour like rain
But that could never ease the pain
The enemy we fought, our brothers
A lesson to be learned by others
But now we have a different game
Buffoons hell it's all the same
To keep the peace I have a plan
We should learn to love our fellow man

Terrible swift sword
Brings unrest to our world
Destruction by its hand
Has scarred the fatherland

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