Siren – Shadows Of The Future Past

Shadows Of The Future Past

I lay alone at midnight's tail
Awakened in a distant dream
A demon's laugh, an angel's cry
A martyr's painful scream
Shadow of the future
A tragedy to tell
His words echo footsteps
On his journey out of hell

Listen to my voice, you'll hear it as your own
In the fire of my eyes your bloody past unfolds
Medieval swords, crusading plunder, poison gas, your father's under
M-16 shred your brother
Atomic fate you'll know no other

Centuries have passed you by
Yet time is standing still
Your leaders' lies from evil eyes
Still have you at their will
Oh foolish ones consumed by pride
You hate, you war, your children die
A thousand chances through greed are lost
Eternal darkness will be the cost

Your tragedies repeat themselves
How blind can you be
With much contempt I leave this world
To fester in disease
Pray forgiveness sinful ones
Before the trumpets blow
Or wait until the final hour
And I will wellcome you below

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