Siren – Black Death

Black Death

Engulfed by the metropolis
Cheating death and getting stronger
Living, thriving in this world
Of filth that we've created
Survival of the fittest
All creaters great and small
But we must be their masters
Or be headed for fall

Black death

Wound up like a rattlesnake
The plague has struck all the nations
Conquest of the human race
The rats have taken control
A journey into terror
A disease you know there is no cure
Another plague to burn
Across the pages of history

Black death

At night, the victims are descending to the streets
Can you hear them crying?
Stumbling through the carnage in the alley ways
Followed by the dying
Looking into the frightened faces turning blue
So many millions, I can feel their pain
Like you and I will never see again
I know now I must escape
This world of living hell
Aeons since we've seen the sun
Survivors have moved underground
Now there's nowhere left to run
And the energy grows stronger
Survival of the fittest
Take heed to nature's call
The rats are now the masters

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