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Sincerely, Yours Truly lyrics

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Sincerely, Yours Truly lyrics

I remember when you told me what you're all about
And I remember I decided not to spare a doubt
Started to trust you
I would lust you, never even cared to cuss you
Plant a seed next to a mushroom, and a flower sprout
Cartoon, I would chase you like a cat and mouse
Harpoon, got me hooked, my lips to your mouth
Sing out to the moon, sunset blue and maroon
While me and you played through some tunes back at my momma's house
Legs so perfect, way you work it in that fine blouse
Open the curtains, see you working singing Winehouse
But it's for certain, I don't have no need for searchin'
You're right here, and you're in person
I got nothin' more to whine about

Daydreamin' while I'm thinking of you, yeah
Sweet memories while the sky was blue
I'm just, daydreamin while I'm thinking of you, yeah
I'm just, I'm just, I'm just thinking of you
Thinking of you
(I'm just, I'm just, I'm just thinking of you)
Thinking of you

You've been hella' trusting
You can take the front seat
Hop up on my aux and play some oldies we can all sing
Bumpin' it like all spring
Nah this ain't no fall fling
Every time you hit my line I follow with a call (ring)
We can run it back
Just lay down and relax
Lay down my life for you, you'll be my Rose and I'll be Jack
When you're blue, when you're black
I got you, that's a fact
Just come through and we'll crack, a few brews out the back
Give you everything you lack
Rolled some love up in this pack
Drinkin by the fire sipping Miller like I'm Mac
Serenity in memory, wrote this to bring you back
And if you didn't get my message, hit the rewind on this track

The Who – Sincerely, Yours Truly

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