Sin Squad – Not for the Industry
Genre Drill, Rap, Uk Drill

Not for the Industry

Feat. Uncs, KayyKayy, ND


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Extendo, Extendo

Yo, Yo

Verse 1ND

Pushbike moving all dodgy
Front break works but it ain't got a back break
What happened on that day?
Backshot chinged, now a boy can't stand straight
tapped, he might even slap one opp on a match day
Love it when the man move  like its fast
When I still fed him my Black blade
Pissed when the Jakes done found man
Now I'm in a fours, playing Fakes from Poundland
Opps on the lack so we fling them sweets

Opps get chinged and their Friends just watch it
Not gonna' lie that's Foul, man
Sinners well known for the Ducky
So much packs, man's robbing the Loud man
Half-ass can't be around man, I ain't do legs
Man aim for thе chest up
Two M Views on my Next up
Now I got nеxt Man's girl with her legs up
Headshots we ain't giving no heads up
Then I fly Ghana, to go Link Mensa
The amount of times we crept up, no
Lucky he didn't get sent up

Verse 2KayyKayy

Tell bro don't ask, I'm with whatever [You know
See him, pree him, wouldn't want to be him
The Doctors screaming get him a stretcher
Walk down gang like who does it better
I'm in the car with Kas and Kus
Couldn't give two fucks cos Broski's a presser [Brrr
My Dad said loose lips sink ships
My Uncs said burst that pipe for the pressure
I heard that everyone's shining together
I guess that everyone's dying together [You know
Gang pop doors like bine any weather
No bells can't flop get close with my wetta
Should've went to the 3x3 how you coming on heat
Man you should've known better [Dickhead
My Opps are neeks, so we step on the streets
Just Bully and Beats them man are fed up
Oh my God, what happened to Miller? [What Happened
JVs been stepping like Thanos
Add another K if you try and play Hero
Pop them doors, and cars get sprayed
I came with 10 but left with 0, [Facts
Won't stop till another ones taken
We ain't acting like Robert Deniro

Verse 3Uncs

Aye, I see a man try run off, the gang caught up
My man was fatiguing [Where you going?
Man step with demons, their the reason your friends ain't breathing
They got sent to the Guards in the Evening
She throwing up L22, she didn't even know the meaning
Gave her the D that's sexual healing
When they talk bad on the Net, that gives me the incentive [Glee
To go put them in intensive, opps try slide to the L get bun, [Glee
We know how to get defensive
When Zee hit him in the head Yo
I had to hug him that shit was impressive
And the Niners make up lies man
I ain't gonna lie, them man are inventive
Opps try slide to L, you know we got down that visitor [Bow
SinSquad step too sinister
These kids gon' listen to me Akz
They ain't gon' listen to no Prime Minister
That dotty was long like JB, Chop that down
Now its looking Miniature [Chop that]


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