Sin Squad – Back2Back
Genre Rap, Uk Drill, Uk Rap


Feat. KayyKayy, LR, Bully B, 6ix

Back2Back lyrics



Verse 1KayyKayy

Sinsquad way too steppy, messy
We scored on O*** and J***
Run a man down with my blade all ready
Chest, neck, back or belly
Free Z, Free Z
Used to love that semi
One in the head, no headie
Free Trilly, pressured the pitch like Messi
Got him on the wing like Jesse

Verse 2Bully B

I slapped corn in the 9
The whole of the block took nine
She wit' it, she wit' what?
She better get out the firing line
Beef with the L sounds like suicidе
If you try glide then you bettеr do it right
If you wanna run make sure your shoes tied
Or get knocked wit'

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