Simonisarapper – étoile et toi
Genre Rap

étoile et toi


Étoile, et toi
Et toi, et moi
Le monde est vous, vous êtes le monde
[Yeah you are the world]

Verse 1

Yeah, I've been gazing at stars and calamaries [et toi
I've been feeling like God, and I'm losing, sorry [et toi
But I'm losin' heart, can't feel my own heart beat [et moi
Yeah, you are my world, the only thing that harms me
Damn, darlin', I got you, you got me [tout ce que je vois
If there were a God, I'd look down on him, like he were nothing
I'd change fate, and provе to him that destiny [tout ce que jе ressens
Can't judge my future 'cause death is our peace
I'd laugh at his face and I would start to scoff [tu es mon univers
I'd make him beg, and I'd show that I am sloth
Oh, my light is back
But did you appreciate how I made up your song with woe
But when all see you they scram, but they are too small and they are too slow
Damn, no salvation, everyone's losin' hope
They are filled with wrath but in the end they are at the end of the road
Peace is bliss but now in this void, I'm all alone
And this is love
But I don't know how time will go along


Étoile, et toi
Et toi, et moi
Tu es mon univers

Verse 2

Sometimes I want to venture into space [et toi
But sometimes I realise that doing so is my fate [et toi
Since no one else exists to stand in front of a villain's way [et moi
And a thirsty vampire just becomes more and more cray
I'm lonely out here, and my romance is far from near [le monde est vous
I guess this is how it feels to be an overseer [vous êtes le monde
I'd drink beer, and hush it all away and just cry tears
But I can't since when you lose everythin', there's just nothin' to fear
Why can't I love? I just wanna know since I'm just so fuckin' alone
I've just been there for myself, and supportin' a decaying stronghold, but no
Why do I aspire fantasy over what's real?
Where is my real home?
I'm losin' my sanity and I'm losin' my shit
Everyone's goin' home, bitch, and now I'm throwin' a fit
And now I'm full of woe, it's all dark, why's nothing lit?
Look you're losin' this, I'm losin' this, I'm losin' my shit
What you gonna do? End it all, destroy everything in assault
Strive for emotion or blame it all and say it's your own fault
And create another thing like your beautiful Lucy
But no matter where I escape at the end I'm just so lonely
I ask and I ask and I ask but I fuckin' don't know
I ask and I ask and at last, I find it out though
Past is the past, but it lasts, I am fuckin' so low
And I know it's drastic but I'm askin', where did the angel go?
She left, and I can't cry on her to atone
So I'll just end it once and for all with a big bang, all alone
And then I'll walk 'til I see the light and then will I find my home

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