Simon Alexander – Northwoods
Genre Pop


I would like to say that I'm all over it
And that I do the things I say I do
Seemingly simple but more of a chore
To mean anything anymore
I've told lies painted white
And gotten thrown into ethereal riots
But that's alright now, wouldn't you agree?
Because I'm working on my masterpiece

It's like I'm hiding in full galore
Dressed to the nines for an evening at home
I'm still playing games in front of my mirror
Because I know the show must go on
Halfway gone down a bottle
Deep diving in the black gold
I gotta find something clever somehow
No vacation for my lonely mind

Maybе this time I'll say something
That means somеthing
But I can never give you no promises
But I can give you this
Slow burn to reach a stepping stone
Almost running out of air
On my mission to the moon
Gotta get me out of here
So just listen to me go
So just listen to me go

But just so you know If only I could
Oh, I'd go back to the Northwoods

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