Silvia Machete – So Many Nights
Genre Rock

So Many Nights

So many nights I wonder
Why go back to that Neanderthal
He′s tall and handsome
He's thick and becomes
Unpredictable when he drinks

So many nights I wander
Always searching for the underground
I stop at some bookstore
I leaf through some full score
Of a symphony I′ll never hear
I have a vulture inside my heart
And it's fascinating flight
Doesn't indicate that that's an ugly bird at all

I keep feeling sorry now and then
When everything′s okay
Then again, perhaps I will prevail
Deus ex-machina from a crane
Will come down and put the vulture to sleep

So many nights I′m under
But tonight I'll be beyond the ground
Beyond the sky
I′ll be on the moon
Hearing symphonies from beyond

And maybe one day I'll be expected
To stay and say
What I want to say

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