SILICA – Mr Ghrelin
Genre Rap


I ascend the cabin-gangway to the deck and I be laughin'
Unlike me and mine I seen you and yours are straight up lackin'
Slacks baggy, never saggy, pants with the big sack, mad stash, turn your UI laggy

The lights they be blinding and my times and stories have always been lonely
I kept holding weight on my shoulder blades
Serendipity, all you would ever need
Dope if its dope but just know it ain't clarity

Yes I B Daman with the lyrical extendo
I beyblade the skin now its numerical flow
Basically I'm based and based across the globe
Always walkin, keep my thoughts in and behind lock and key, low
Put you in jeopardy, yet I am the answer
Like Jack Black, and I also enjoy plants, sir
Like Celine Dion, My Drip Will Go On
97 spawned, that summer became dawn

I would if I could but I can't so I won't
Imma just keep rhymin' upon this flow
Imma keep rappin' up all of these hoes
From birth I done struggled with family woes
Betya bottom dollar gotta know what it is
Shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits
OP like a Bruce Lee kick
Walk up in the shop like my name McMahon
Coppin' volumes hear these niggas sayin' he ain't playin'
You want to be free from fire but I drop that bomb
My missions one of fission the way that I split the words

Flow so hard I'm a fucking aquarium
Bet you niggas thought I was gonna say Aquarius
Flex forever more than your folks ever did
Cause my Maggie extended, my Herbie reloaded

I sit back and yet a nigga can't relax
Even though I got a really big green bag
I'm the flyest of metal like I was formed outta bauxite
Air tight, yeh fuckin' outta sight
Mentally Unstable
I'm all over the place
Mister Worldwide
I'm all over the place
Hella Confused
I stay dazed, I can't relate
Mister Esoteric Wrist
This be my spirits fist

You'll be back but in no saddle
You'll be snakin, have you rattled
Not mistaken, never am
Truly taken, never am
Straight up fakin, never am
Never blatant, never am
And with regards to the plan
Prayers rlly worth no damn

Red leather suit like im delirious
619 like I'm mysterious
All black like I'm serious
Gotta get bi like I'm curious
My attitude is luxurious

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