На вихід lyrics
(English Translation)

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September 27, 2023

На вихід lyrics
(English Translation)

"On exit"

You run in circles like a pet hamster He drew some unattainable goal for himself Now everyone's morning coffee, every morning
It doesn't invigorate, it only resembles a drug addict's habit
And so many years have passed, the mirror isn't the same little
How long this world spins, and it spins nuts
You can hear the time of that car, not behind the wheel And you're a puzzled passenger, as if it were your last flight
And no, no, not Socrates, there are no thoughts a hundred times over There is a rivet and all the nuts are turning So the roof flows and the current carries them somewhere I'd have all the thoughts in the dam, but there's no more strength
I'm asking for an exit, I'm asking for everyone to exit

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Sikora – На вихід (English Translation)

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