Shua – Soup, salad, and breadsticks
Genre Rap

Soup, salad, and breadsticks

[spoken] Why are you, as a man, filling up on the entre at the olive garden?

Verse 1:
Boasting and pose with politicians in the open toes
Hosting a roast for competition in the Poconos
Showing I’m the goat, recognition like its kokko no
Now you’re going ghost, buried with your broken nose

Ferry to the Acheron, rowing with your backbone
Floating in the moat, get christened by the dopest flows
Thick bae, like the window: wide view
Sick pay, count pintos: side moves
Beef up the green, like aliens do
Then spend it all on Italian food

Hook 1:
Saying I’m the real thing, saying I was bred sick
But homie, I ain’t nothing next to breadsticks
Saying I’m legit, saying I stay valid
But dawg I ain’t the soup and salad

Verse 2:
Hard out remission when hit with the sickest shit
Stark with the vision, I be snappin’ with the Titan’s fist
Bars like I'm spitting, end the sentence just like Venom did
Carnage, I’m switching, seeing red like I’m Morbius

And I dine with the fanciest suit on
Your crew's got the beef, but it's fake like it's bullion
Bread getting hard to keep stacking like it's croutons
Got my girl yelling every night like its soups on

[Yeaaaah] keep watching me
Learn how I do what I do subconsciously
Little brains die when they hear my godly speech
So keep telling all your veggie tales like it’s gotta be
Keep my game sharp? That’s the grind to me
You’re staring at a wall like you’re Bartleby
Your written’s pre, I’m extemporaneous
[spoken] I - I don’t want to rhyme that, hold up..

Spit off the dome, heads up, no stopping me
Hit off of home, strike plate, got it lock and key
The fans in the stands with the hands up all agree:
I'm the OG, you're the Applebee’s

Hook 2:
Listen up, they got the breadsticks
Listen up, soup, salad, and breadsticks
Listen up, they got the breadsticks
Listen up, unlimited breadsticks

I mean seriously, it makes no sense
It's free right? What are they gonna do, stop bringing it out?
Order a meal, eat like 5 plates of salad
Take your pasta home, its not that hard

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