Shown – Naevus
Genre Rock


Verse 1

It’s not yet two days later
And I can’t tell if I’m suffering
A weight has been lifted
But a new weight is coming
Which could become
Blood in brain
In turn becoming
Blood in body
I am clinging to something
As a train thunders by
The only question I had left
Has now been answered
But I must remember
This can harm nothing else
That much has been proven
Beyond doubt

Verse 2

Can anything be said
Out loud about this?
And it would be so loud
It would be so loud
I can’t do it here
But at moments I feel it
Has there been any change?
There is worth in too much
Do apologies enter into it?
How did doubts re-arise?
Or did they еver leave?
Pеrhaps I was pretending


It would be so loud

Verse 3

Am I ever
Awake to life?
I struggle to see
Through my eyelids
I need to find a way
To be ashamed in front of you
To become numb to yearning
To feel guilt more than shame
Trumpets blare
At the back of my mind
And all that there is
Is in muddy half-confusion
What will become of us?
This is too much to bear
And beyond this
Everything will dissolve



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