Showin Off, Pt.1 – Pop Smoke
Genre Rap

Showin Off, Pt.1


Traphouse Mob
This is a Melo beat
It's big 092MLBOA

Verse 1Pop Smoke & Fivio Foreign

GQ, uh [GQ
You got a gun, nigga, gun nigga, uh? [Gun, nigga
Play disrespect, never [Never
K with it [K with it], uh
Niggas know that we don't play with it [Nah, uh
Big .38 gon' hawk 'em [Hawk 'em
Two stripes, saucin' [Saucin'
I keep a TEC when I'm walkin' [Walkin'
Pick him up, toss him [Toss him
Big drip, flossin' [Flossin'
Get straight, cashin' [Cashin'
Don't fuck around, yeah, I'm packin' [Packin'
Have it [Have it], Havoc [Havoc
Me and Fivi' causin' havoc [Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy]

Verse 2Fivio Foreign

Action [Action], see an opp and it was action [Action, ayy, ayy, ayy
All these questions that you're askin' [Bow
She like "Why your face tatted?" [Wow
I take a Perc', 'cause it's relaxing [I do
I see a opp and I'm attackin' [I am
Hold on, saggin'
Blue flag when I'm flaggin' [Ayy, ayy] [Traphouse Mob
I'm prepared for their reaction [I am
They say Robert was a classic [It was
Vudu [Vudu], magic [Magic], Fivi', savage [Ayy, ayy
Hol' on [Hol' on], hol' on [Hol' on
I go on drills with a passion [Ayy
Hol' on [Hol' on], hol' on [Hol' on
I see him and ask where the track is

Verse 3Pop Smoke

If I see an opp, it's dark out [Dark out
Step on the court, ball out [Ball out
Walk in the spot, walk out [Walk out
What the fuck is all the talk about? [Huh?
Up out the chop, aimin' [Aimin'
Put the pussy on the pavement [Pavement
Uh? Stainless [Stainless
Amiri jeans, stainless [Stainless
Pop Smoke, yeah, I'm all in the stores
What's on your feet? I'm like, "Christian Dior"
Double G, yeah, that's all on my T
Big Benz, peanut butter seats
Big body, mixy [

S-class, six-three
I'm all in your bitch, big D
Slide through your block with the Rippys

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