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February 2, 2021

The Little Gypsy Girl lyrics

My father is the king of the gypsies, it is true
My mother, she learned me some camping for to do
They put the pack all on my back, they all did wish me well
So I set off to London town, some fortunes for to tell

Now one night I came to some fair London street
A handsome young squire I chanced for to meet
He viewed my brown cheeks and he liked them so well
He says, "My little gypsy girl, can you my fortune tell?"

"Why yes, kind sir, give me hold of your hand
Why, you have got houses, you've riches and you've land
Now all those pretty ladies, you must put them to one side
For I'm the little gypsy girl that is to be your bride"

Now once I was a gypsy girl but now a squire's bride
I've servants for to wait on me and in the carriage ride
The bells they rang so merrily, the sweet music did play
And a jolly time we had upon the gypsy's wedding day

Shirley Collins – The Little Gypsy Girl

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