Shearwater – Laguna Seca
Genre Pop

Laguna Seca

The first time I saw you
We barely connect
Sleep on the subject
And slip on the mess
Of ugliness

Nothing is missing
Or seems out of place
Enter the object
Alone with our gaze

Walk into traffic
Look at yourself
A sun shadow
From underground
Take it take it
Take it on
Let fortune favor
The underdog
Of ugliness
Offering something
It never returns
The lack of our respect
The lies
Underneath this ugliness

But down in the market
It’s a race
To domеstic

Walk into traffic
And sеttle down
A sun shiver
From underground
For you to stay
And fortune favors
The bigger life

Offer me something
I never returned
The end of respect
The lights
On the brink of

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