She My L'il Caesar – L’i’L Razzberi
Genre Rap

She My L'il Caesar

Ooooh snap! It’s ya boy, Razzberi on the scene
I got denim in my bars, cuz rappin’s in my genes
You know I stay at the top, the haters stay at the bottom
They prayin’ on me to fall, they must’ve thought i was autumn
I’m callin’ out all the frauds, y’all better pick up the phone
The King of Rap has returned, he’s comin’ to take his throne
Here I am, in all my great glory
So sit back and let Papa Razz tell you a story

Went out one day to grab a cheese pizza
Man, at the front, i said pleased to meet ya
Another day, another lunch at Little Caesars
Bouta get somе pizza and Sprite 2 Liters
At Little Caеsar’s. You already know
Discount, cuz I'm friends with the CEO
Got one large pie and I don’t know why
But at the back of the store something caught my eye

It’s time. For a

She was the prettiest girl that i ever did see
I’m talkin’ HELLA cute, she was almost as cute as me
She had round rim glasses, and her eyes were purple
And i thought to myself “wait… who has purple eyes?”
She bared a strange resemblance to Rosa Parks
Lookin’ like the future wife of Alexander Marc [HEY!
Ran up to her and I said “excuse me miss?”
“Now what would you be doin’ in a place like this?”

She said, “Oh hi there, my name is Quinn Baker”
"Professional Rosa Parks cosplayer"
"Just got out of a convention, and I started getting hungry."
"Without Little Caesars deep dish pizza, I get grumpy."
I said, oh, "I just got some, would you like a slice?"
She said, “Oh why thank you. That sounds nice”
I knew at this time, this moment felt right
The girl was the one, it was love at first bite

I looked at her and said, "MARRY ME RIGHT NOW"
She said, “Let’s get it done, but one question: how?”
I said, “I know someone who works here, he’s a part time priest.”
“He’s ordained and could do the ceremony at least.”
So we did the ceremony, and i was feelin’ coo’
We said all the vows and we said “I do”
Any feeling of doubt that i had no longer lingered
When I put that garlic knot ring upon her finger

Call me love-sick, got that fever
I’d give this girl the whole world just to please her
Not Pizza Hut, Not Papa Johns either
Shawty right there, she my l’il Caesar

Call me [LOVE-SICK], got that [FEVER
I’d give this girl the whole world just to [PLEASE HER
Not Pizza Hut, Not Papa Johns [EITHER
Shawty right there, she my l’il [CAESAR]

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