Shame On Me – Solomon Burke
Genre Pop

Shame On Me

We had a quarrel, yes, we did the other day
We both got angry, so angry, you walked away
Now tell me darling, truthfully
Was that the right thing to do?

People are saying, shame on me
I'm saying shame on you

I don't remember just how it all started
But oh, I know, I know, I know, I know
Right now we're parted and I'm so broken hearted
I wonder, I wonder, do you feel the way I do?

Let them talk, shame on me
But shame, shame, shame on you

I been waiting here by this telephone
Calling you like a fool
Hoping that you would soon come home

It's way past midnight and I know you're overdue
But I feel kind of funny inside because I know
I'm still truthfully deep down in my heart in love with you

I know some of these thing you doing it just for spite
But if you just answer the phone
Tell me that you love me, one more time
Everything will be alright

Darling, as I look at the clock on the wall
Time is drifting so fast and so swiftly away
I wanna say

Oh, tell me what's the use now
I guess I'll just give in
Operator, call that number again
She knows I'm sorry and I know she's sorry too

I don't care what they think if they say, shame on me
'Cause I'll say shame on you

Hello baby, she's here, I'm glad your home
You know I just wanna tell you that I'm sorry, yeah
You know I love you, baby
Oh, we were just being silly that's all
I've been trying to call you all night long

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