Introaustyn with a y

Listen dawg, this beat is repetitive as fuck
There’s like almost forty people on this bitch so just give me a little bit of slack, okay
Just listen to the bars
Why you makin’ music better than everyone else, huh?

Verse 1888button

Hitchain, more like shitchain
You don’t get no bitches
You’re all a bunch of bitches
Steal my song, I bet you wear a thong
Bought the NFT for like ninety nine doubloons

Verse 2tekko

hooked up in the
Get vaxxed, bro, what the fuck, it’s real clear
Slide through your home in Long Bеach
Take your Teslas and evеrything you hold dear, ha

Verse 3k4yd3nce

I hope you’re balding at 39
I hope you get no bitches for the rest of your fuckin’ life [You get no fuckin’ bitches
Try to mint my music, go suck my dick
Take the site down and stop profiting off of other people’s shit

Verse 4not tagged

Why the fuck are they making my songs some NFTs
Hitpiece just became my biggest enemy
Finna send a surprise to Rory Felton
I have his address but I’m not gonna tell him

Verse 5not tagged

Yuh, ayy, yuh
Fuck Hitpiece and that whole damn site, yuh
Put my heart on a track, cut me a check, bitch


Rory Felton is a bitch
Grab my piece, he gettin’ hit
Website be the face of shit
Lookin’ at it, gettin’ sick
Steal from Disney, how’d that go
, that was stupid, don’t you know
Mint these nuts before you go
Fuck Shitpiece
Fuck Shitpiece
Fuck Shitpiece
Fuck Shitpiece
Delete your website from the internet, you bitch
Plant a tree before I punch you in the dick, muhfucka

Verse 7tach

Fuck your blockchain bullshit
Pull up with a full clip
Save the trees, I ain’t payin’ your fees
Hitpiece ain’t comin’ in one piece
Fuck your NFT, you an enemy, bitch

Verse 8maiko

Fuck Hitpiece, I ain’t even on there
Keep talkin’ shit, you all look like a bunch of squares
Got me laughin’, lookin’ like a Spongebob
Stop sellin’ NFTs, go get a damn job

Verse 9kid arjuna

You found a
Nigga, I know where you live
Put a ‘cause this piece is really ‘bout to spin
Lemme take your wife, bitch, I don’t really give a fuck
I’m a real money, let her taste my nut

Verse 10aithuia

NFT stands for not fuckin’ tryin’
Hitpiece, more like Shitpiece
More like bitch please
More like
More like goreset
Uh, fuck Shit- aah

Verse 11Fraxiom

street number five, Long Beach, California
I got
I got love for everybody except cryptocurrency

Verse 12Mikie Mayo

Fuck NFTs
Fuck Hitpiece
All these crypto bros just tryin’ to eat
, motherfucker, six feet
Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah

Verse 13swazy*

Heard he that he fuckin’ made me load a gun
Could’ve took my song and took some bitches but I guess you a fuckin’
Man, I’m pullin’ in, rollin’ up
He want me to let it go, he frozen up
Yeah, we smokin’ Hitpiece pack, watch the blinds get
Tryna cop these NFTs with IRAs
Only thing you finna be is RIP, maybe MIA
If you lucky
If I was you, I wouldn’t trust me
mentality got you gunned down
Finna mint your gravestone, get pics of it besides me now
You ain’t even with the energy, I’m finna whisper
She an NFT, you should’ve went and got a
I’m, where the fuck
You sell NFTs on USB, you ain’t even a good scammer

Verse 14Midwestern Vampire

Fuck you Hitpiece, don’t mint me
I’m filing a DMCA with your domain, that’s AWS
Hope your lawyer an asshole ‘cause if you want a in laws
You’ll need a better defense system than privating your Instagram

Verse 15nyquik

Yeah you get no bitches, I might bag his non-fungible
We packin’ up your ass like you a deepdish Lunchable
TurboTax ain’t gon’ save you ‘cause your ads still deductable
You already got, make sure your bank account’s still functional
market and then just leave on the double
Yeah, you can mint a Disney song and think “I’m not in trouble”
Your shit went trending in an hour, no, you are not subtle
Now we got your address but I’ma need some rebuttal

Verse 16Jarhead the Nobody

saw my homie’s music turned into a token
Same friend that sent me this laptop to record this
Fuck Hitpiece and anyone who fuck with NFTs
Hope you fuckin’ nerds fall apart into bankruptcy
Rory Felton, 323-839-5249
Hit my boy’s Linkedin and his phone line
Til his wife caves in and his pockets run dry

Verse 17not tagged

Yeah, you get hit with this piece, now you an enemy
You must think that I’m some sort of bitch I’d buy an NFT
I’ma put my balls up in your mouth, not you not these
I’ll get my, in his, now it’s rest in peace


Yeah, Hitpiece more like Shitpiece
If you try to mint my songs I’ll make you eat my fuckin’ dick cheese, eat my dick cheese
I’ll send a mail bomb to your house and make the momma proud
I’ll fuckin’ on your casket

Verse 19bandanabloom

Fuckin’ Hitpiece
Your website’s
but it blows just like some
Right clicking your fucking NFTs, so um, take that
NFT? I prefer a BLT with the bread flat


Keep that burner on me, yeah I feel like
Walkin’ round and scammin’ but you know these ain’t no NFTs
I learned how to like a grown ass man, bitch
Snatchin’ people’s music ain’t no way to make some bands

Verse 21Frost’d

Yeah, we smokin’ that Hitpiece pack
Buy an NFT, bitch, you a rat
Get off my dick, bitch, get a bag
I’ll take, you ain’t comin’ back
NFTs are actually anonymous money-laundering schemes
This one is adding copyright infringement into the mix to hide the bigger

Verse 22maggie 彡☆

Rory Felton, more like Rory Felon
I just found a cease and desist on NFTs you’re sellin’
I’m snitchin’, I’m a narc, I’m tellin’
You have five days to live

Verse 23not tagged

Rory Felton, you a bitch
I’ma take your wife back to my crib and let her suck on my tip
I’ma give you one chance to apologize and remove all that shit
Before I cease and desist

Verse 24CILC

Uh, hello, hello
Shut the fuck up
You can’t get your luck up
You bitches be stuck up
oh, fuck it
I’ll tear this shit apart
You bitches ain’t got no heart
Like a cock, I’ll beat you hard

Verse 25Musicubes

Ayy, Hitpiece, more like Shitpiece
Nah, fuck this
Based facts about crypto because I don’t feel like rapping
Not only are crypto mining and it’s effects already horrible, but crypto mining also drives up the energy prices in communities where it’s done, with no economic or social benefits for the locals
of UC Berkley


bitch, I do not fuck with NFTs
Don’t buy shit that don’t exist, that’s why I
Crypto bros up in my comments, call that shit a blockchain
Why you think that you can steal my shit

Verse 27stainedglass

Starin’ at the LCD, you gotta face the music
Phone numbers and addresses of people who abuse it
Surprise shock on and you’re sprawled across your face
As the people who you ripped off prepare their fuckin’ case

Verse 28not tagged

Every fuckin’ the stupidity is amazing
Sellin’ NFTs like my music ain’t worth the decency
get off of the damn
All I have to do is


Rory Felton says I can pedophile
Well you’re anti-vax and love crypto so you’re definitely a pedophile
would really make me smile
I hope you enjoy boxes to your house for a while
The only way you’re pushin’ P is with a kidney stone
put a price on his dome
You’re fuckin’, send goons to your home
get your blown

Verse 30pinkmouse

I-I just bought an NFT and now I got no bitches
I just dropped an NFT on her and now he’s got 74 stitches
My friend Zach sold me a new keyboard and it’s got some cool switches
Can someone explain what NFTs are, ‘cause I don’t know what that shit is

Verse 32futureseeker

Hitpiece, you can suck my fuckin’ girlcock
If I your bitch, don’t fuckin’ backtalk
Doxxin’ all your data til you have to move
Guess that piece was the shit, that’s the

Verse 33anem0s

Lemme start off sayin’ this a hitpiece
As in when the piece hit you, means you gon’ cop a lease
Yeah you not gettin’ many fuckin’ profits, stop it
You a scammer with the right deposit, you not it
Why the fuck you always think you’re untouchable
Now I’ll make your brain fungible
I’ma curbstomp your skull on the blockchain
Sorry, it’s not refundable

Verse 34suyuki

Hitpiece, more like Shitpiece
I got your bitch on her knees
Make your own me
Meet me at the Long Beach
You ain’t doin’
Fuck your NFTs
Fuck your NFTs


Rory Felton is built like he didn’t have a fuckin’ childhood
Rory Felton is built like the fat penguin from Penguins of Madagascar
Rory Felton took his idea to Silicon Valley and they laughed him out of the room
Because his idea was too fuckin’ stupid even for them, holy shit
Rory Felton, your home address is now public information, flee the country
Maybe not yet though because that lawsuit’s coming and those lawyers are hungry
When the bitches come around, with his words Rory becomes rather fumbly
Give it another week and we know we’re all gonna see your ass on GoFundMe
I’m gonna start tellin’ bitches that piss me off that they’re built like Rory Felton
Stealin’ all my friends’ music, oh my god, you’re gonna turn me to a felon
Rory Felton is built like every single character from Big Mouth at the same time
Rory Felton looks like a condom that got bullied into becoming alive
Rory Felton was every single person in his high school’s least favorite classmate
So let’s stuff him in a locker and let’s take him back to last grade

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