Shady Koopa Studios – Sonic Drowning
Genre Rap

Sonic Drowning

Feat. RobGaming


Can someone please help me right now
I just want to escape this nightmare
Can somebody help me please
I don't want to suffer anymore

Verse 1RobGaming

This one chain is keeping me from freedom
I feel so drained, but I can't give up
This loop I am in, is not helping me
I just want to be free
Please get me out of these depths
Of this labyrinth zone
I am going crazy
Can't take this no more
This is a curse for me to suffer
Please don't give up
Please don't give in
Fight harder, you got this
Keep on going, don't give up
Don't die on me
Keep on going, don't stop
Keep on going
Suken to the depth of the sea for enternity

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