Shady De Kat – Good Day
Genre Rap

Good Day



Today it’s a good day
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [X4]

Verse One

I wake up in the mornin’ say I love myself
I had a great a great day bitch by myself
I tell you if you want me stay on the shelf
I do things like I’m a fuckin’ elf
I skip pussy day just got get the pelf
I heard that you doing a delf program
I wanna tell you that you have a problem
I don’t know what to say you fuckin’ old man
Ah today it’s a good gay [It’s a good day
Tell myself wait cause I’m on my way [ I’m on my way
Today I do me like the old days [Yeah
Like the time I a gave a fucks about what you say [What you say
The first thing I do is praise god [Praise God
Cause I have nothin’ but I gеt a lot [I get a lot
Look up in the sky and say thank you Lord [Thank you Lord
Cause today it’s a good day


Today it’s a good day
Yеah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah [X4]

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